1. A day at MetLife with the Giants. Excited to see it transform next week for the Jets


  2. heymikewaskom:



    You wanted to hear a new remix of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”. What you got was the greatest thing that’s ever been posted on the internet. After you click play, all time and space will disintegrate around your feet. How is there an “around” if there’s no “space”? Find out by listening.

    via the media empire complex.

    I have ugly-laugh-cried over this at least twice since I got home from work, so there’s that.


    Wetting myself.


  3. For all of your holiday love making needs. 

  4. (C) Arnold Newman

    My favorite photograph of Kennedy, around the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 50 years is a long time

  5. Chipotle Long Advertisement (or, in reality, animated infomercial). Haunting and amazing