1. Lazy

    I’m currently perched on my bed, listening to my “Mellow” playlist, enjoying a lazy Friday morning. The latest Rolling Stone magazine in perched on its bindings a hands reach away. I was interested in reading it because of the John Mayer cover; not that I particularly love John Mayer, but its an article on him not being able to live a normal life, and I was interested. Not the “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” normal life, but more along the lines revealed in an incident when he is rejected by a cute girl just so she could tell her friends “Yeah, I rejected John Mayer.” The whole article reads with the same vibe

    I’ve sworn to myself I’ll be out of this bed by 11:30. I still have to shower and pack. I’m heading up to camp again, last weekend of it. I’m excited. But it has dawned on me that, yeah, it’s probably one of the last times I get to sleep in for awhile. A long while. I don’t like thinking about that part.

    So for now, I’ll take a deep breath, turn my music back on and fall asleep. I’ve got fifteen minutes of it left, if I want it. More gifted Tumblr posts are on their way; a trip to Low End Theory with a very special appearance by Nocando, the end of interterm, and the things that are still to come, like the first day of classes and a very special “Cliff tries out for Last Comic Standing” blog

    Ready set go