1. Texts with My Mom 5: Hooters

    1. Mom: What are you doing tonight?
    2. Cliff: VIP Dinner at Hooters like a Mother F*cking Boss!
    3. Mom: At Saddleback (Church) thanking god for his son and all the gifts he gave us

  2. Texts with My Mom 4: Dying

    1. Mom: U were such a cute kid
    2. Cliff: Ummm....are you dying?
    3. Mom: someday

  3. An Interesting Text Conversation with My Mother: 2

    1. Me: Man, there are a lot of prospective students on campus today
    2. Mom: ?
    3. Me: There are a lot of high schoolers checking out Chapman
    4. Mom: JAIL BAIT
    5. Me: Thanks for that mother
    6. Mom: No problem, son

  4. "Mother just described someone as “nemo”. After describing what she meant, we determined that she indeed meant “emo”. Yeah, thats our mom."

    A text message from my sister, Kim.

    This whole texting my mom segment can only get better