1. Another beautiful little cover

    (Source: Spotify)

  2. Willie Nelson- Just Breathe (originally done by Pearl Jam)

    This is great. I’m not even a big Willie fan, but this is lovely

  3. Everything (Michael Buble Cover)- Cody Morgan and Emily Dyer

    I live with this extremely talented man (ladies, I’ll point you in the direction of his room) and this is a pretty cool exhibition of the talents of he and Emily. Please pass it around


  4. John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)

    I love covers, I love Adele, and I really love everything John Legend does. So smooth

  5. Funny story about this.

    I use Playlist for basically all of my music needs. Sure, I love Pandora, but Playlist has a LOT of stuff that Pandora has never even seen, and you can stream it as much as you’d like. Really convenient to show everyone that one song you love over and over again. They also make great playlists; I’ve been listening to their Jay-Z one a lot, same with Sampled (a pretty cool collection of songs that were sampled, and the songs that sampled them).

    But this week, I found out that you can have followers. The only person who ever “followed” me before was a friend from home, so I forgot about it. But I laughed hysterically when I accidentally found that part of the site the other day and suddenly had…26 followers. Whoops. Must not have checked enough.

    Two days ago, I go back and see about the followers thing and, again, weirdly, 19 followers. And then I start thinking, what is going on. Playlist for me isn’t like tumblr where I’m secretly hoping to get followers; they are made just so I can pull them up wherever, like parties or the office. But suddenly, boom, this is exploding. I also have a message from someone, asking about how I got so many followers. He has them too, and he doesn’t know why

    Sorry dude, no clue.

    He did suggest that his playlist might’ve been featured without him knowing it. That might be it? I go to the page of playlists, wondering if I’m like, fiftieth or sixtieth, and I’ve suddenly gotten fans from it.

    Wrong. Number 2. I’m the second most popular playlist on the whole site. The guys at┬ácorporate featured it as the user playlist of the week.┬áMy picture is up on the homepage. I just start hysterically laughing; I don’t know how this happened. In fact, the only reason that I touched the playlist recently (you can have a featured playlist, again I realized this all this week, and I changed it from my terrible one it had put) was because Rob mocked it. It’s a playlist of covers, and Rob just reamed it. Apparently, playlist doesn’t agree.

    So, spiting Rob means that I gain success? You’ve got to love it. Anyways. You can check out my playlist here. And this by no means is something I’m “proud of” (the featured thing, the playlist I feel good about), I was just really entertained that it happened all of the sudden and I didn’t realize it until after.